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Frequently asked questions

on Terra network

Rango is the most advanced and the best multi-chain DEX aggregator that alleviates the pain of switching between multiple networks using dozens of different UIs by a unified, easy-to-use and modern UX.

In this short tutorial we would like to show you how to easily swap your stablecoin USDT in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to Anchor protocol which resides in Terra network.

Hint: to keep it concise and simple all tokens are shown in `X.Y` format, which means token Y on network X. ex: Anchor protocol [ANC] on Terra network is shown as TERRA.ANC

Spoil Alert:  Rango UI is magically easy such that you don't need to read this doc. But we recommend to read it in order to deeply understand how Rango works.

Anyways here are the steps:

Step 1.
Open Rango App. Then open assets list and choose your desired source and destination tokens and the amount you like to swap. as shown below. As you might see there are multiple options for USDT, since USDT is available in multiple networks. Choose the one that fits your requirement, in our case it is BSC network (BEP20 is BSC's network).

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In the above picture you can see some useful details, like swap rates, all different fees that is taken from you and an estimation in dollars ($0.73) in our case which is relatively low. Besides, you can see a time estimation on how long it will take to perform these swaps (6 minutes and 15 seconds in our case)
Lets move on to next step.

Step 2:
Rango computes a route for your. A route is the chain of swaps and bridges that should be called to make your multi-chain swap possible, here is our route:

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Description: there will be three steps to swap BSC.USDT to TERRA.ANC:
  1. 1inch will convert your USDT to UST. 1inch is a DEX aggragator inside BSC network, so we still are in BSC network.
  2. Terra Bridge will transfer your UST from BSC network to TERRA network. Bridges normally do a 1-to-1 swap on same coins on different networks. Now we are in TERRA network.
  3. Terra Swap will do take our UST and give us the Anchor protocol tokens.
In pre-Rango era, you should have opened three different UIs and connected your wallets each time, waiting to compute the rates, apply swaps and also wait for the each step's result before switching to next UI. That's one of the many benefits that Rango provides for you.

Step 3:
Connect your wallets. To perform these 3 steps, you need a BSC wallet (ex: Metamask) and Terra Station wallet. Click on `Connect Wallet` button, and then connect these two wallets at the same time. then click on `Swap` button. A dialog is shown to you as below to get your final confirmation:

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Click on confirm and swap starts.

Step 4: Here is the flow that Rango starts:

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Rango will show informative messages in all steps and automatically move to next step. You can cancel it in any steps by clicking on x button on left side. All approvals and confirmations will be automatically popped to you and you should just click `Approve`, `Yes`, `Ok`, etc. buttons.

Step 5: Enjoy the result:

Frequently asked questions

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